The 6th Sense?

The 6th sense
(Matt 14:30,31)

Peter here allowed his senses to take over. There is nothing wrong in seeing; “he saw the wind and the waves”. This was the same case with the first woman Eve, she saw that the fruit was good for food, but it was the proceeding action that is the problem. Peter after he saw, chose to be afraid and he bagan to sink. Eve when she saw the fruit was pleasing to the eye,she took some and ate (Gen 3:6).
Faith is not denying reality, rather it is acknowledging reality and yet not acting on it or not making it a basis for our actions. “Yea, though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil…”(Ps 23:4). The psalmist said,though the fact is, am walking in unpleasant situation, though i agree things are not right financially, though  having headache, though am having terminal disease, yet i will fear no evil. This should be our confession as Christians.
Our Lord Jesus Christ also faced the same thing. The devil came ,” you are hungry you know,” “yes, i know, after 40 days of fasting and prayers, am exhausted and hungry, Ok, then turn this stone into bread, so that you can be refreshed. Jesus would have lied if he had denied the fact that he was hungry. Or tried to have faith that as the Son of God, he cant be hungry,but he didn’t. Rather,he said ” man shall not live by bread alone,but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God…”( Matt 4:4). Most christians have failed here. There are anointed tongue-blasting, devil pursuing brothers which are but chickens in the devil’s hand.There is this beautiful, curvy & talented sister in a fellowship where we have one of such brothers. The brother is sexually attracted to this sister, but yet denying & hiding under the canopy of the so called “spirituality” and each time he comes close to the sister, he burns inside and juat pretend as if all is well. He tries to faith-it-out. This is dangerous and its not faith.
The combination of two or more senses is a sin. When you see (sense of sight) and you neglect it. It is not yet a sin. But when you see and gave thought to what you saw and you now see again because you really wanted to see,it is then a sin. Peter saw, gave thought to what he saw, and he became afraid then he began to sink,the same thing with Eve. When we pray and to the best of our knowledge have fulfilled all requirement, and things refuse to take shape. We can choose to praise God and wear a positive attitude knowing fully that all things work together for good to them that lovr God, or become worrisome, anxious, depressed and broken allowing regrets and sorrow to creep into our lives.
Secondly, after we have failed, we should be humble and bold enough to shout “Lord save me” just as Peter did. Not trying to struggle-it-out ourself or trying to save ourselves, because we are already drowning and the more we struggle, the heavier we become and the faster we sink. Samson is a good example (Judges 16:28), after he failed,he wasn’t stupid ti try-it-out himself, he was humble and sincere enough to call on God for help. So no matter the height of our fall,God is still merciful and capable of helping us. He said anyone who comes tovhim, he will in no wise cast away.
Lastly, remember the wind and storms are just passing moment. Immediately Jesus and Peter entered, the wind ceased. (Matt14:32), Jesus didn’t struggle to rebuke it, it calm automatically. Christian must be aware that there comes a time when storms like this arises, it is not to kill or destroy us, just to make us better. No wonder Job said, when he hath tried me i shall come forth as gold (Job 23:10). Test and exams are not primarily set to fail students. But to afford them the opportunity to earn grade and promote them to the next level. This exactly why God allows it at times. Therefore the 6th sense which is the greatest of all the senses is FAITH, so put it into action rightly.


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