U decide ur fate

an important day for eaglets
— By Tom Reilly
The nest of young eagles hung on every word as the
Master Eagle described his exploits. This was an
important day for the eaglets. They were preparing
for their first solo flight from the nest. It was the
confidence builder many of them needed to fulfill
their destiny.
“How far can I travel?” asked one of the eaglets.
“How far can you see?” responded the Master
“How high can I fly?” quizzed the young eaglet.
“How far can you stretch your wings?” asked the old
“How long can I fly?” the eaglet persisted.
“How far is the horizon?” the mentor rebounded.
“How much should I dream?” asked the eaglet.
“How much can you dream?” smiled the older, wiser
“How much can I achieve?” the young eagle
“How much can you believe?” the old eagle
Frustrated by the banter, the young eagle demanded,
“Why don’t you answer my questions?”
“I did.”
“Yes. But you answered them with questions.”
“I answered them the best I could.”
“But you’re the Master Eagle. You’re supposed to
know everything. If you can’t answer these
questions, who can?”
“You.” The old wise eagle reassured.
“Me? How?” the young eagle was confused.
“No one can tell you how high to fly or how much to
dream. It’s different for each eagle. Only God and
you know how far you’ll go. No one on this earth
knows your potential or what’s in your heart. You
alone will answer that. The only thing that limits you
is the edge of your imagination.”
The young eagle puzzled by this asked, “What
should I do?”
“Look to the horizon, spread your wings, and fly.”


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