The Just

Text :Gal 3:11

“But that no one is justified by the law, in the sight of God is evident, for the just shall live by faith”.

The just, are people that have been justified. You can’t be justified if you have never been alleged at one time or the other. You could be alleged with what you’ve done or alleged wrongly. You need an evidence or exhibit or a witness that will show a proof in order to justify you.

Grace in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ is our witness, our evidence, our exhibit, our advocate. He presented himself in the court of law in order to justify us.

After the case, we were declared justified. Not necessarily because we indeed did not commit the offense, or because we have been saint from the beginning, but because there is enough proofs, enough reasons, enough evidence to cancel our allegations and set us free (He that the Son set free, is free indeed).

After our justification, nobody holds any right thereafter to allege or judge us. “Any tongue that rises in judgement against us shall be condemned”. We now have a legal backing that makes us equal to a saint – someone without any offence.

“..the just shall live by faith”. Henceforth, the just shall live not by his past records, not by what people have been saying or is saying about him, but by his faith. “Faith cometh by hearing..”, hearing during the justification by Grace. Hearing what right, we now hold. So, go about telling people of your new status, reminding them how Christ took your place and gave you his place, what grace you now enjoy, showcasing your new “C of O“.

Therefore, necessity is laid on us to live by faith and not by the law. Because, lawfully speaking, you are condemned, you are not qualify. But Gracefully and faithfully speaking, you are justify and qualify to be called righteous. Hallelujah!


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