Open invitation Love letter

Dear Friend,

Millions of people worldwide have set aside today (February 14), to celebrate LOVE. And after today, the love wanes and its gone. But personally, I have come to discover that LOVE, is eternal. LOVE is not just a feeling, neither is it an urge, GOD is LOVE!

I’m sure some of you are beginning to feel uncomfortable with that phrase, you are saying, he’s going religious. I wish you understand what am saying. I wish you know this kind of love. God has revealed his love to us, in that he gave His only begotten son (Jesus). Now, am annoying some people already. You wish, is there no way you can talk about Love and not talk about God? No way!

Oh! My friends from other religion are saying, you can talk about God, but don’t bring Jesus into the equation. Because, as far as they are concerned, he’s just one of those religious leaders. If your claim is true, why is it that when other religious leaders are looking for the way to God, this Jesus said, he is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. When there was darkness and confusion, he said he is the LIGHT of the world. Even God Almighty publicly pronounce, “this is my beloved Son, in whom I well pleased, hear him.”

It is time, I introduced this Jesus to you. It will be unfair and selfish of me, if I keep Him all to myself. I believe we are friends (either on Facebook or in real life) not by coincidence. It is not a matter of religion superiority. I wish I can tell you this, in a way that will soothe your feelings, but there is no other way, friend.

You can’t get to the father by any other means, but by Jesus Christ. He is the Word of God that became flesh to get life across to you. He made all things. All He need from you, is that you surrender your life to Him, giving him full access into your heart. It is then, that you can experience the true meaning of LOVE. This LOVE, does not envy, thinks no evil, is kind, is not puffed up, does not behave rudely, does not rejoice in iniquity, does not parade itself (in red and white), never fails, is selfless. This love is better expressed in deeds and truth towards God – vertically, and our neighbours – horizontally (not just to your date, fiancé, spouse or friend). Which is better illustrated in a crucifix.

You cannot truly love, except you know God. And you cannot know God without Jesus Christ (which is the express image of God). The choice is yours today! You can either ignore this invitation of love or accept it by welcoming Jesus into your heart. The love is greater than anything you have experienced before. It is indescribable!

He died for you, when you don’t merit it. When you are not useful to him, he laid His life for you. You ask, how do I accept him? It is simple! Believe in your heart that God raised Him (Jesus) from the dead, and confess Him with your mouth as your Lord and Saviour, you will be saved. In addition, you will ask him to forgive you of your past ways of life (your sinful ways of life), and decide not to follow the sinful path again (which is repentance). If you will humbly do these, then you have accepted him. And his spirit can now shed the true love abroad in your heart.

Your Friend,
Dolapo Onawale


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Simple, honest and kingdom mandate driven talented change agent.

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